The Stanford Sphere was founded in October 2017 by Ravi Veriah Jacques and Christina Egerstrom. The Sphere was envisaged as a non-doctrinaire left-wing newspaper that would diversify campus discourse primarily from a progressive stance. Indeed, the founders understood that there existed two fundamental problems with political discourse on campus; first a claustrophobic ‘liberal consensus’ dominated discourse thereby constraining meaningful and interesting debate. Second, Stanford lacked a strong left-wing intellectual presence. The Sphere was designed to remedy both these problems.

Beyond its leftist and contrarian inclinations, the Sphere is shaped by the cosmopolitan character of its writers. Half of the writers at the Sphere are international students. We believe this adds a fascinating dimension to our project, and allows us to avoid the American exceptionalism which all too often constrains discourse within the U.S.


The Sphere has been well-received on the Stanford campus, making the front page of the Stanford Daily on its launch day:


We have also received support from numerous professors, and we were notably tweeted by Professor David Palumbo-Liu and Professor Niall Ferguson. We are particularly indebted to Professor Kathryn Olivarius for advice and support, alongside Professor Joel Beinin and Professor Claybourne Carson.